The North Face – Cold Lovers



Fashion Film / AJAL 1851



Spot Banc dels Aliments – Campanya 2020



“La Nostra Festa” – K-Liu (Videoclip Oficial)



Neil Murphy is a cinematographer from Barcelona. Since he was very young, his curiosity for cinema and the visual art of filmmaking has given him a voracious appetite for knowledge and artistry. He first developed a fascination for cinema that would begin at a very young age, age 14, after having explored several film works by several notable directors. He began to formally study cinema in 2015, starting a diploma in cinematography in the spanish city of Barcelona, and finally specialised during his last year in light and color as part of a master’s degree. Since then, he’s gained tremendous experience on a wide variety of projects such as feature films, short films, commercials, music videos, documentaries and others. 


His half spanish half english origin has given him a wide range of different perspectives seen in his work. He has a very unique style, often generating contrasty and moody imagery, but adapts well to any needs a project demands. He has many ambitions in life, but his passion for telling a story through images transcends all.